Create Your Affiliate Brand

Brand Your Affiliate Site

Create Your Affiliate Brand

A phrase we hear over and over again. Brand loyalty, but why is it so important? Even more so however, why is it so important as an affiliate?

When you are beginning your journey down the affiliate path you have to take a step back and approach the model in various ways. Take a full look at your financial situation, your time and your knowledge. Are you committed?

Becoming an affiliate is a relatively easy process, and as thousands of MLM based sites say every day, ‚become an affiliate now and make $10,000 per day’. Now these phrases may sound like a lie, but they are not. The lie actually starts when you don’t fully understand your goals or what you are after and beleive that this is possible in a few easy steps.

Lets break down a basic affiliate process.


The Casual Affiliate –

  • Creates or uses templates for his or her blog.
  • Has a basic domain / May or may not have bought an individual one.
  • Starts writing a few articles and sharing it with friends over social platforms.
  • This grows a bit more and new connections are formed.
  • The blog now has slight traction and a few comments are appearing.
  • You adopt an affiliate model (eg YieldKit)
  • You have a few viewers but not enough to allow affiliate marketing to be a wholly sustainable model.
  • Clicks are diminishing as you are not sustaining your work load, your audience begins to dip as to clicks.


The Full Time ‚Individual’ Affiliate –

  • Create an identity (logo, USP, theme, research your niche)
  • You create a website with a unique domain or hire someone to continually help you build and develop your site.
  • You build multiple landing pages.
  • You optimize the pages for SEO purposes and focus on targeted keywords for your niche.
  • You brand and identify your social out points. You build audiences surrounding your niche (not just friends and locals) but those few steps further.
  • You begin writing content on a regular basis.
  • You ask other to start writing you content.
  • You start writing content for others, building on your SEO and increasing external traffic to your site.
  • Content is then shared over networks and re shared by guest authors for/from your site.
  • You are interacting heavily over social channels on a daily basis.  Your content is being shared and loved by many on a daily basis.
  • You now have people coming to your site organically and through search and referrals. Everything is working well together.
  • Your content is full of affiliate links and the amount of clicks is beginning to increase.
  • People begin see YOU as a BRAND. You are offering them a service of highly targeted and relatable products.
  • CTR increases, ROI increases and you are now not an individual, you are now a company. Your affiliate links are trusted, you are trusted.


Now there is a big difference  between these 2 models as I am sure you can see. Even as a singular person you can be identified as a brand, and if you are good at marketing and getting your name known over the internet, then you may even be recognized as a company.

Not everyone can give up their job and develop sites and write content on a daily basis, but try to understand this before you think anyone can become a hard earning affiliate.

This form of affiliate marketing is just based off the YieldKit in text model. There are also other models out there, and if these are incorporated into your site on top of our model, then lots of planning and spread sheeting will be required to keep track of your links, how well they are doing, what networks they are attached too etc.

The original idea for this post came to mind after I was moderating my Affiliate Marketing News Community on Google+ . We have placed strict posting guidelines with regards to which networks can share content with us (there is just too much MLM spam). Now I understand MLM (Multi Level Marketing) , and I understand this is a viable model for those who are pushing affiliate marketing to the extreme, however the pyramid affect combined with the nearly 100% useless content deems these channels to be untrustworthy. Ironically a level of marketing that has pushed the affiliate ladder too far and has passed the brand loyalty stage and gone for the ‚top’. I just want people to understand that you should be realistic and approach marketing with a clear and thought out mindset.

Now an affiliate marketing model like YieldKit’s in-text affiliate linking works incredibly well for companies who already have this brand presence. They are trusted and the links provided are not questioned. Monetization is an easy process from this point. Just as an individual remember you have to start from 0. It is a business tob e a true affiliate, and it takes much much much more than just a link to generate revenue.


Many thanks,

Rob Walker.